SCE-630H 150L

The SCE-630H 150L is the middle stump cutter in this series. This model is suitable for most excavators between 10 and 20 tons. This stump cutter is executed with a hydraulic motor for an oil flow of between 110 and 150 l./min. (max. 350 bar).


Required volume flow: 110 – 150 l./min
Max. operating pressure: 350 bar
Number of required double action functions: 1
Safety: Overpressure relief valve
Diameter cutting wheel: 630 mm
Number of teeth: 40
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The SCE-630H 150L stump grinder has several advantages:

  • Middle stump cutter in this series
  • Suitable for excavators between 10 and 20 tons
  • Cutting wheel with a diameter of 63 cm (72 cm with teeth)
  • Hydraulic motor with oil flow between 110 and 150 l./min.
  • Maximum freedom of movement thanks to hydraulic drive


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