De SC-630H is suited for tractors with approximately 120 HP. This machine is equipped with high-quality hydraulic components and has a high cutting capacity of 44 m. per second. Moreover, this stump cutter has an adjustable operation panel to get a better view on cutting the stump. Compared to the SC-550H, the SC-630H has a longer boom and more power.

This machine has several benefits:

  • Extensive cutting reach below ground level as well as width
  • The position of the buckling cylinder is chosen in such a way that it is easier to work on fences
  • Adjustable control panel for a better view of the stump
  • Hydraulic drive for maximum freedom of movement of the milling wheel, as mechanical limitations are lacking
  • More extended boom and more power compared to the SC-550H


Hydraulic pump drive: Tractor power take-off
Lifting device: Category II en III
Required power: 130 HP
Cutting depth: 80-90 cm
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The SC-630H stump grinder has several advantages:

  • Required power of tractor approx. 130 HP
  • The machine has connection points for a category II or III lifting device
  • Such boom kinematics, working across low obstacles will be possible
  • Cutting reach below ground level approx. 80-90 cm
  • Adjustable operation panel to get a better view on cutting the stump

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