The SC-800H stump cutter is based on familiar technology, but the power that is transferred to the cutting wheel has been greatly increased.

The SC-800H is equipped with heavy-duty hydraulic pumps and motors to transfer the high power outputs to the cutting wheel. The well-thought-out boom construction of the SC-800H gives a wide reach, with which also the possibility arises to work over fencing such as a crash barrier or railings.

Through opting for a hydraulic-mechanical drive, you have maximum freedom of movement of the cutting wheel as there are no mechanical constraints. Through this you have the possibility to cut stumps behind fencing, railings or, for example, behind a crash barrier.


Hydraulic pump drive: Tractor power take-off
Lifting device: Category II en III
Required power: 200 HP
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The SC-800H stump grinder has several advantages:

  • Required power of tractor approx. 200 HP
  • Hydraulic drive, for maximal freedom of movement of cutting wheel and the power train has a very few wearing parts
  • Such boom kinematics, working across low obstacles will be possible.
  • Large cutting reach below ground level as well as width
  • Adjustable operation panel to get a better view on cutting the stump

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